Talkado is a green and intuitive financial ecosystem designed with environmental and humanitarian support in mind.
According to the creator, ““Talkado ecosystem will remain green as Talkado bid to contribute to the fight against climate change”. He also said that “exploring ways to support humanitarian crises around the globe will make Talkado a more meaningful coin”..
The Legend of Talkado goes beyond its coin $TALK. We have created some unique utilities to supercharge the Talkado Ecosystem. The Talkado NFT Multivendor Marketplace is one of the utilities with a never-before-seen feature in the NFT Marketplace.
With NFTs, many digital artists have begun launching their collections into major existing marketplaces. Since its inception, there have been a few issues associated with existing marketplaces, for instance:
  • The relative expensive gas fees on listing and purchasing fees.
  • No new innovations
  • Some marketplaces support only one blockchain network.
  • There is an extensive learning curve for new buyers.
  • Lack of liquidity and supply.
Though the Talkado Marketplace aims to solve the issues currently plaguing the NFT marketplaces, the Legend of Talkado has its roots in the fight against climate change.
The Talkado Nft Marketplace new features will create an entirely new direction in the NFT collection market, and the Legend of Talkado NFT will be the main driver that would be used to facilitate huge volumes within the ecosystem as $TALK will be deployed as a means of payment, rewards, and deposits on the Talkado NFT platform.
Other innovations created to bring in utilities to the Talkado Coin are The Legend of Talkado Novel and the Talkado Metaverse tagged - Talkado Hall of Fame . These are exactly needed to make a difference in the competitive crypto market and make Talkado Coin very attractive to holders.
Last modified 5mo ago